About me

I am an UX designer currently working in London. Before coming to the U.K., I was working as a DVD/Blu-ray disc authoring engineer for 5 years in Japan. 2 years ago I came to London to study interaction design, and last year I completed Master's Degree in Interactive Media at London College of Communication.

Media changes, technology changes, people change, and society changes, but my interests and objective are always to design interactivity which allows users to enhance the way of communication and to expand their everyday lives.

While I am concerned about cutting-edge digital technologies and its design, I also love traditional cultures as they teach us a variety of wisdom. I believe that learning both new and old gives me unique perspective, and one of my goal is to reflect these learnings to my interactive media design.

For more information or CV, please contact to maytone@bh.raindrop.jp